Implement FTRL-Proximal Algorithm in Go - Part 1

Using Go to solve Kaggle Avazu challenge by implementing FTRL-Proximal Algorithm

Dec 9, 2014 · 115 words · 1 minute read golang machine_learning

For the sake of practicing, I’ve re-written tinrtgu’s solution to the Avazu challenge on Kaggle using Go. I’ve made some changes to save more memory, but the underlying algorithm is basically the same. (See this paper from where the alogorithm came for more information).

The go code has been put on Github Gist. Any constructive comments are welcomed on that gist page, as I haven’t added a comment section on this blog. (I haven’t even set up Google Analytics, so I have no idea how many people are reading thi blog) I’m also working on a concurrent version utilizing the built-in support of concurrency in Go. So theoretically it would run faster in multi-core environment.

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